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Lords Mobile Market Gem Store We have been the number 1 lords mobile gems provider since 2016

Knowledge when buying Lords Mobile gems: for those who don't know, we can not transfer the actual gems from player to player in Lords Mobile. BUT we can gift items from player to another player, the cost of gems would be equivalent to the item's cost in "gem mall" inside the game. You can rest assure that buying from us will save you much more money than spending money on speed up packs in the game, the more you buy the more discount we give.
*IMPORTANT* We can only delivery to Kingdom 1 - 709, if you are in KINGDOM 710 and later, please contact us on LINE via ID "lordsmobilemarket" before placing an order.

Braveheart ordered 4,492 times

Random Relocator ordered 5,682 times

Relocator ordered 439 times

Talent Reset ordered 3,962 times

Finish Demolition ordered 9,601 times

War Tome ordered 422,162 times

Steel Cuffs ordered 507,247 times

Soul Crystal ordered 728,994 times

Crystal Pickaxe ordered 504,961 times

Gold Hammer ordered 7,275 times

10,000 Holy Stars ordered 4,062 times

Chisel II ordered 7,831 times

Chisel III ordered 714 times

Chisel IV ordered 5,802 times

Chisel V ordered 1,810 times

Gravel ordered 2,091 times

Talent Tome ordered 987 times

Equipment Quill ordered 3,680 times

200,000 Anima ordered 3,927 times

600,000 Anima ordered 4,677 times

2,000,000 Anima ordered 2,144 times

6,000,000 Anima ordered 7,033 times

Ancient Core ordered 4,250 times

Chaos Core ordered 251 times

Archaic Tome ordered 4,921 times

10 Luck Tokens ordered 1,938 times

100 Luck Tokens ordered 4,899 times

Bright Talent Orb ordered 990 times

Brilliant Talent Orb ordered 3,678 times

100 VIP Points ordered 6,620 times

500 VIP Points ordered 7,167 times

1000 VIP Points ordered 5,555 times

5000 VIP Points ordered 6,355 times

Speed up (1 m) ordered 5,818 times

Speed up (15 m) ordered 9,274 times

Speed up (60 m) ordered 2,931 times

Speed up (3 h) ordered 7,012 times

Speed up (8 h) ordered 2,078 times

Speed up (15 h) ordered 348 times

Speed up (24 h) ordered 386 times

Speed up (3 days) ordered 7,934 times

Speed up (7 days) ordered 6,544 times

Speed up (30 days) ordered 4,355 times

Winged Boots I ordered 9,880 times

Winged Boots II ordered 4,410 times

Speed Up Merging (1 m) ordered 5,442 times

Speed Up Merging (15 m) ordered 8,292 times

Speed Up Merging (60 m) ordered 3,393 times

Speed Up Merging (3 h) ordered 4,747 times

Speed Up Merging (8 h) ordered 5,950 times

Speed Up Merging (15 h) ordered 1,741 times

Speed Up Merging (24 h) ordered 5,696 times

Speed Up Merging (3 days) ordered 1,202 times

Speed Up Merging (7 days) ordered 2,500 times

Pact Merging Boost (10) ordered 6,209 times

Shield (8 h) ordered 4,429 times

Shield (24 h) ordered 8,260 times

Shield (3 days) ordered 5,048 times

Anti Scout (24 h) ordered 9,733 times

Anti Scout (3 days) ordered 3,266 times

Army Size Boost (20) ordered 9,196 times

Army Size Boost (50) ordered 1,877 times

Rare Material Chest ordered 4,278 times

Epic Material Chest ordered 6,148 times

Legendary Material Chest ordered 1,996 times

Rare Jewel Chest ordered 3,185 times

Epic Jewel Chest ordered 2,982 times

Legendary Jewel Chest ordered 6,667 times

6,000,000 Food ordered 8,206 times

20,000,000 Food ordered 2,141 times

60,000,000 Food ordered 1,280 times

1,500,000 Stones ordered 3,665 times

5,000,000 Stones ordered 9,739 times

15,000,000 Stones ordered 5,780 times

1,500,000 Timber ordered 4,224 times

5,000,000 Timber ordered 1,963 times

15,000,000 Timber ordered 1,501 times

1,500,000 Ore ordered 4,294 times

5,000,000 Ore ordered 8,583 times

15,000,000 Ore ordered 6,649 times

600,000 Gold ordered 3,521 times

2,000,000 Gold ordered 5,453 times

6,000,000 Gold ordered 1,935 times

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Less than 100,000 gems No discount

100,000 gems or more 64% discount

250,000 gems or more 65% discount

500,000 gems or more 66% discount

750,000 gems or more 67% discount

1,000,000 gems or more 69% discount

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Knowledge when buying Lords mobile accounts: if you're new to the game you must know that playing from a small account from scratch till it reaches tier 4 troops would either cost you to spend thousands of dollars or a very long time (up to 1 year)Why waste so much time and money when you can always buy one from us for a good price?

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