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Lords Mobile Market Gem Store We have been the number 1 lords mobile gems provider since 2016

Knowledge when buying Lords Mobile gems: for those who don't know, we can not transfer the actual gems from player to player in Lords Mobile. BUT we can gift items from player to another player, the cost of gems would be equivalent to the item's cost in "gem mall" inside the game. You can rest assure that buying from us will save you much more money than spending money on speed up packs in the game, the more you buy the more discount we give.

Braveheart ordered 6,633 times

Random Relocator ordered 8,829 times

Relocator ordered 4,068 times

Talent Reset ordered 8,761 times

Finish Demolition ordered 1,193 times

War Tome ordered 511,660 times

Steel Cuffs ordered 466,441 times

Soul Crystal ordered 264,562 times

Crystal Pickaxe ordered 901,633 times

Gold Hammer ordered 507 times

10,000 Holy Stars ordered 6,233 times

Chisel II ordered 2,208 times

Chisel III ordered 9,521 times

Chisel IV ordered 8,736 times

Chisel V ordered 6,459 times

Gravel ordered 3,085 times

Talent Tome ordered 765 times

Equipment Quill ordered 8,060 times

200,000 Anima ordered 880 times

600,000 Anima ordered 6,304 times

2,000,000 Anima ordered 5,575 times

6,000,000 Anima ordered 5,829 times

Ancient Core ordered 7,074 times

Chaos Core ordered 6,074 times

Archaic Tome ordered 7,156 times

10 Luck Tokens ordered 8,131 times

100 Luck Tokens ordered 9,602 times

Bright Talent Orb ordered 6,692 times

Brilliant Talent Orb ordered 8,831 times

100 VIP Points ordered 3,857 times

500 VIP Points ordered 6,224 times

1000 VIP Points ordered 5,773 times

5000 VIP Points ordered 4,218 times

Speed up (1 m) ordered 5,924 times

Speed up (15 m) ordered 9,159 times

Speed up (60 m) ordered 6,629 times

Speed up (3 h) ordered 2,127 times

Speed up (8 h) ordered 1,597 times

Speed up (15 h) ordered 6,175 times

Speed up (24 h) ordered 7,077 times

Speed up (3 days) ordered 6,376 times

Speed up (7 days) ordered 9,789 times

Speed up (30 days) ordered 4,408 times

Winged Boots I ordered 9,655 times

Winged Boots II ordered 739 times

Speed Up Merging (1 m) ordered 3,879 times

Speed Up Merging (15 m) ordered 3,085 times

Speed Up Merging (60 m) ordered 7,397 times

Speed Up Merging (3 h) ordered 742 times

Speed Up Merging (8 h) ordered 5,844 times

Speed Up Merging (15 h) ordered 4,322 times

Speed Up Merging (24 h) ordered 6,240 times

Speed Up Merging (3 days) ordered 4,302 times

Speed Up Merging (7 days) ordered 2,240 times

Pact Merging Boost (10) ordered 1,092 times

Shield (8 h) ordered 4,365 times

Shield (24 h) ordered 2,549 times

Shield (3 days) ordered 6,856 times

Anti Scout (24 h) ordered 5,625 times

Anti Scout (3 days) ordered 8,687 times

Army Size Boost (20) ordered 3,738 times

Army Size Boost (50) ordered 4,017 times

Rare Material Chest ordered 5,980 times

Epic Material Chest ordered 7,051 times

Legendary Material Chest ordered 2,775 times

Rare Jewel Chest ordered 2,974 times

Epic Jewel Chest ordered 5,251 times

Legendary Jewel Chest ordered 3,560 times

6,000,000 Food ordered 8,757 times

20,000,000 Food ordered 9,895 times

60,000,000 Food ordered 2,614 times

1,500,000 Stones ordered 3,733 times

5,000,000 Stones ordered 8,832 times

15,000,000 Stones ordered 7,307 times

1,500,000 Timber ordered 5,982 times

5,000,000 Timber ordered 7,698 times

15,000,000 Timber ordered 9,394 times

1,500,000 Ore ordered 5,494 times

5,000,000 Ore ordered 632 times

15,000,000 Ore ordered 3,175 times

600,000 Gold ordered 7,253 times

2,000,000 Gold ordered 3,042 times

6,000,000 Gold ordered 9,598 times

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Less than 100,000 gems No discount

100,000 gems or more 64% discount

250,000 gems or more 65% discount

500,000 gems or more 66% discount

750,000 gems or more 67% discount

1,000,000 gems or more 69% discount

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Knowledge when buying Lords mobile accounts: if you're new to the game you must know that playing from a small account from scratch till it reaches tier 4 troops would either cost you to spend thousands of dollars or a very long time (up to 1 year)Why waste so much time and money when you can always buy one from us for a good price?

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