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The brief variation: Bacon-loving couples came to be determined by Bacon Today, a development and dish website focused on the delicacy, as their source for cooking a common food with each other. This site is actually operated by folks who are excited about bacon, and it’s owned by Bacon Freak — the net’s bacon delivery superstore. Bacon Freak supplies more than 35 tastes and many different styles of bacon — including uncured, gluten-free, and nitrite-free. And Bacon Today comes with the meals covered — from chipotle bacon meatloaf to chocolate-covered strawberries with bacon sprinkles. This site helps bacon lovers select brand-new strategies to delight in a timeless specialty.


BaconToday.com believes bacon is considered the most functional animal meat on earth and warrants its because of. The web site, a collection of news and dishes about bacon, had been created to help lovers find a world of bacon-y goodness beyond the standard menus they see everyday.

Bacon These days is operated by Bacon Freak, a bacon shipment solution, and company is satisfied that site is actually a competent resource for couples who love bacon and cooking.

“Bacon Today welcomes almost 300,000 site visitors annually and was created to discuss fantastic dishes that all have at least one part of usual — bacon. We have reach discover the truth that many men and women are excited about bacon,” stated Lissa Zoltak of Bacon Freak. “And BaconFreak.com is the just internet bacon very shop; this has a large range of products from packed plush pigs to chocolate-covered bacon and almost every piggy product around.”

Lissa mentioned Bacon the modern fan base includes foodies, ketogenic people, people who entertain at your home, pork farmers, and each and every day chefs seeking enhance the flavor of dishes by integrating bacon.

In relation to the Bacon Freak group, Lissa mentioned becoming a bacon freak is one of the prerequisites. “we is actually a lean, mean, bacon-selling equipment. We pride ourselves on our very own customer service, as merely pleased clients are duplicate customers,” she mentioned.

Dishes, photographs, recommendations & News Stories Keep audience Coming Back

Many Bacon Today audience have actually influenced tactics they can’t hold off to express utilizing the globe. Visitors ought to publish quality recipes, pictures, development stories, tips, and share their particular desire for bacon.

In relation to planning an ideal date night dinner, Bacon nowadays readers gain access to recipes that are both savory and nice.

“There are so many recipes on Bacon now; it’s hard to select one. I really like the bacon-wrapped chicken tenderloin with maple apple glaze. Its tasty and includes my personal favorite combo — oranges and pork,” Lissa mentioned. “Additionally, the dish requires an extra group of fingers while planning the tenderloin. Exactly how intimate.”

Lissa mentioned recipes on the webpage variety in complexity, but she comes with a simpler specialty. “One simple but tasty dish is actually for an apple pie bacon grilled cheese sandwich,” she stated. “We you will need to match a flavored bacon from BaconFreak.com that most closely fits a recipe. The difference produced in a recipe making use of a flavorsome bacon assortment isn’t hard to spot — its an enhancement not merely an ingredient.”

Numerous visitors appreciate the lighthearted nature regarding the site, which highlights lots of amusing articles about bacon, including one through the Huffington Post’s Alison Spiegel, who typed that bacon goes past an acceptable limit occasionally.

“We know bacon have jumped the shark, and we also’re continuously trying to overlook the proven fact that it can get overplayed,” Alison mentioned. “But then brand new bacon things, such as these Bacon Choco-Tots, come into the image and remind all of us that bacon has limits the same as everything else.”

Bacon Freak’s Monthly Club Sends Quality, fabulous Selections straight to your own Door

Bacon Freak’s “Bacon is chicken Candy” Bacon in the Month Club is considered getting one of the initial groups specialized in the meat product. Members should expect a monthly shipment of two packages of flavored bacon.

“The bacon we transport monthly is artisanal, tiny creation batch bacon, additionally the flavor and top quality are unmistakeable. Each month a couple of the most popular types are plumped for regarding thirty days’s delivery through the more than 40 varieties we carry,” Lissa mentioned.

Bacon regarding the period users feel a unique assortment of styles, such as no-nitrite, gluten-free, plus a wedding model package offered in three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions for brides and grooms. The initial shipment also boasts a 100per cent cotton fiber tagless T-shirt with Bacon Freak’s “Bacon is Meat Candy” slogan emblazoned throughout the top.

Another club perk is you can add items to your own monthly shipment without paying added transport. They call this the “Ride-a-Long” feature. Lissa informed us their objective is supply bacon lovers high quality items made the conventional means since the group thinks customers don’t possess entry to similar services and products on grocery store racks.

“We think mass-produced bacon pales in comparison to bacon manufactured in smaller batches, typically dry-cured, slow smoked, and not inserted with liquid for healing reasons,” she said. “All of our bacon requires much longer to produce, but, I assure you, its really worth the delay. When you match up a bacon fan using this classically created artisanal bacon, it really is some thing comparable to an additional honeymoon.”

Encouraging Bacon fans to meet up with, Eat & Make Lasting Connections

The Bacon Today family feels absolutely strength in numbers. That’s why each goes apart from to produce unique, fun techniques for those meet up with and share their own love — such as by publishing activities on the site.

“Our activities tend to be bacon-centric, so if visitors are fortunate enough to own a bacon occasion within location, there are many great possibilities for bacon tastings and various other enjoyable,” Lissa stated.

Those enthusiastic about locating bacon-friendly events in their own community can go on the internet to locate the Bacon Today schedule. History activities have incorporated Bacon, Brew and BBQ Festivals as well as the Great United states Barbecue featuring a 5K program with bacon addresses to consume along the way.

Bacon Today can involved in Bacon Bash Texas, a meeting scheduled for Oct 2018 in Cranfills space, Colorado. Proceeds from passes, deals, merchandise, and contributions is certainly going to supply hot winter months clothes for homeless individuals across the condition including to deliver kiddies with Type 1 Diabetes to specific camps and provide them with constant glucose screens.

Lissa stated individuals enjoy linking more than bacon as it allows these to explore brand new reasons to commemorate the delicious treat, hand back, and meet like-minded folks. As well as attending events, she finds that bacon fans tend to meet and show quality recipes and memes utilising the Bacon Today’s review part or through the Facebook web page.

“we now have plenty of funny bacon memes that folks give one another through social media,” she said. “Connecting over a thing that is so easy, however which is why more and more people have passionate views about, is a superb way of getting men and women chatting and revealing.”

Potential ideas Include Launching a distinctive Recipe competition & Including New Products

Bacon nowadays provides everyone else, but 55per cent of their readership is actually feminine. Programs consist of exposing dish content and products the firm feels can help boost its market.

Lissa informed all of us bacon dishes are getting to be much more interesting and creative. Her aim is deliver that creativity to Bacon Today and motivate readers to exhibit off their own skills.

“We propose to release a meal competition with awards for the most unique, the most bacon, the absolute most not likely mix, etc.,” she said. And Bacon Freak consistently innovate its products while making sure that the grade of bacon stays top-notch.

“At Bacon Freak, we consistently include new services as soon as we discover something that individuals feel satisfies the deliciousness factor people have come to count on from united states. Lissa mentioned. “We add distinctive recipes that feature bacon, and, with so many bacon enthusiasts on the web, there can be lots of noise that people search through to track down, test, and article the best of the most effective bacon-related material.”

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